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  • I’m pretty sure I get asked on a daily basis how I’m able to travel so often since traveling is so expensive. I often smile and start spilling the beans on how to catch the best flight deals. Trust me, there are so many travel hacks, but the question is are you willing to be proactive to get what you want. The reality is, we are the only ones that

  • If you’re flying to Cuba using JetBlue, I have to say great choice. Although I normally fly Delta, JetBlue happened to be one of the first airlines to make the first commercial flights from the United States to Cuba.

  • Traveling to Cuba as an American directly from the United States has been off limits since 1961, until recently. Crazy right? It all began when the diplomatic relations with the United States and Cuba began to deteriorate in 1959. Fidel Castro seized power of the island after he nationalized more than $1 billion in American assets on the island.

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